Hydrocodone / Acetaminophen – what you need to know


  • Buy Hydrocodone/acetaminophen (generic Vicodin, Lortab, Norco) is a narcotic analgesic to treat pain. The drug received renewed attention after Darvon and Darvocet were withdrawn from the market on November 19, 2010. As pain medications have disappeared from the market, there are still few options for treating chronic pain.
  • Vicodin oral (oral), available in tablet form, contains 5mg of hydrocodone bitartrate and 500mg of acetaminophen. Vicodin-ES (7.5mg hydrocodone bitartrate/750mg acetaminophen) and Vicodin-HP (10mg hydrocodone bitartrate/660mg acetaminophen). Since 2014, the US FDA has imposed restrictions on products containing hydrocodone.
  • The reason: is to take action against the abuse of prescription pain medications and make medications safer. The FDA limits the amount of acetaminophen to 325mg. Each tablet contains a product containing hydrocodone and another prescription combination drug containing acetaminophen.
  • Hydrocodone is currently the most widely used prescription opioid analgesic in the United States. Hydrocodone is an analog of codeine and has similar anesthetic, analgesic, and antitussive effects. Most of these effects are related to the central nervous system and smooth muscle. The commonly used preparation is hydrocodone tartrate, often combined with acetaminophen to relieve moderate to severe pain.
  • Hydrocodone, like other opioid analgesics, is prone to abuse, not only causing addiction but also causing side effects from an overdose. Opium’s predecessor was opium, and it is also an indispensable painkiller in clinical practice. It has an immediate effect on dull pain, sharp pain, and visceral pain caused by various reasons. But at the same time, opioid abuse is a global problem.
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  • In response to the increasing abuse of opioid analgesics, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reclassified “hydrocodone combination drugs” (HCP) in October 2014 from Class III to Class II controlled drugs. This means that doctors cannot prescribe supplies for more than 3 months, and a written prescription must be provided. In October 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was criticized for approving the highly potent opioid analgesic Zohydro.
  • Zohydro is an extended-release hydrocodone tablet taken twice daily. Hysingla ER is made via the RESISTEC slow-release oral solid dosage form platform, making it difficult to extract the main active ingredient hydrocodone by standard methods such as crushing, dissolving, or dissolving.
  • It can be used for similar drugs, such as inhalation or injection. Hysingla ER contains a high molecular weight polymer processed through unique technology. The tablets prepared by this process are not only complicated but also form a viscous hydrogel upon dissolving, which is not easy to administer by intravenous injection. Even so, the efficacy of Hysingla ER does not entirely prevent abuse, such as addiction or death from high doses.
  • Because Hysingla ER still carries risks of abuse, abuse, or addiction, it is not FDA approved for use as a “pain reliever as needed.” Only for patients who cannot be tolerated or are ineffective with alternative pain relief regimens. Hysingla ER is expected to be delivered to U.S. pharmacies in early 2015. Hysingla ER is given orally once daily and is available in 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 mg tablets.
  • However, doses above 80 mg should not be used in patients who have not previously used opioid pain relievers. While the RESISTEC process used in Hysingla ER is not a panacea and cannot wholly prevent abuse via the intravenous, snort, and oral routes, it is the first and only FDA-approved product to avoid misuse abuse through chewing, snorting, and injection of the drug hydrocodone.
  • Taoyuan believes that the development of Purdue’s anti-abuse hydrocodone product appears to be headed for Rome. While this new type of medicine is not a significant breakthrough in science, it is an efficient technology. Effectively improve the patient’s quality of life.

Warning and prevention

  • Hydrocodone/acetaminophen should be used with caution in the elderly and patients with severe, debilitating liver or kidney damage, hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease, enlarged prostate, or urethral stricture. The possibility of respiratory depression should always be considered,
  • and the drug suppresses the cough mechanism. Patients should be careful when driving and operating machinery while taking hydrocodone/acetaminophen. Drugs can become a habit so men.

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