Does Phentermine Work for Weight Loss?

  • While eating a balanced diet, low-calorie diet and regular exercise. It can be cornerstones of weight loss, certain medications can serve as powerful adjuncts. One such drug is phentermine — one of the most popular weight loss drugs in the world. It has shown to be effective for short-term weight loss. When used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet and exercise. But, using phentermine for weight loss is not without risks and side effects.
  • How does it work?

  • Buy Phentermine belongs to a class of drugs called “anorectics”. Also known as appetite suppressants. Taking phentermine helps suppress your appetite, thereby limiting how many calories you eat. Over time, this can lead to weight loss. While the exact mechanism behind the appetite-reducing effect of phentermine remains unclear. It is thought to work by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter in your brain. Neurotransmitters are your body’s chemical messengers and include norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. When levels of these three chemicals increase, your hunger will decrease. But, you can build a tolerance to the appetite-suppressing effects. The appetite-suppressing effects of phentermine within a few weeks. In this case, you should not increase the dose of the drug but stop using it altogether. In short, Phentermine thought to reduce your appetite by increasing levels. Increasing levels  of the neurotransmitter in your brain.
  • Effective for Weight Loss

  • Several clinical studies have proven that phentermine can increase fat loss. The average weight loss expected with the use of phentermine is 5% of your initial body weight. But, over 12 weeks, it can reach 10%. This equates to a 10–20 pound weight loss. In a meta-analysis of six studies. People taking an average dose of 27.5 mg of phentermine for 13 weeks lost an average of 13.9 pounds. While phentermine has shown to be effective for weight loss. It may work better when combined with topiramate. Topiramate is a medication that has been used alone to treat seizures. But — like phentermine — also has appetite-reducing properties. Topiramate and phentermine are a combination drug sold under the brand name Qsymia. Compared with the other three drugs prescribed for weight loss. The combination of phentermine and topiramate is associated with the highest likelihood. The highest likelihood of losing at least 5% of initial body weight. What’s more, research shows that the combination of phentermine and topiramate. It is the most effective weight loss drug to date. With people achieving an average weight loss of 21.6 pounds. In users, this weight loss has translated to significant reductions. In waist circumference, insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control. As well as beneficial effects on triglyceride and cholesterol levels. In short, studies confirm the effectiveness of phentermine for weight loss. What’s more, the effect is even greater when the drug is combined with topiramate. Difference Between Buy Adipex and Phentermine
  • Adipex vs Phentermine

  • Adipex and phentermine are both the same and different. These drugs or pills are the same in that they are prescribed by doctors to their patients who want to lose weight. They differ because the former is the brand name for the generic drug. It compounds phentermine.Because it is a generic formulation. Phentermine is still the most prescribed diet drug on the weight loss market. According to certain American drug boards. This is not surprising since phentermine (1959) was a pioneering FDA-approved diet pill. Whose core action centred on appetite suppression. Even if Adipex has now become almost as used as phentermine. This appetite suppressant (anorectic pill) is still a newer diet pill. If a newer diet pill compared to its counterpart. It is also known that different pill forms such as tablets and capsules. It has different weight loss results. Because each form can be made using different drug formulas. Thus, the effectiveness of the Adipex capsules. For example, may differ from that indicated on the Adipex tablets.Omit, Adipex and phentermine have the same array of side effects. And side effects because they are both made from the same active chemical. Some of the most notable effects increased heart rate, increased BP, and dryness of the mouth. Adipex is a brand name whereas phentermine is a common name for Adipex. Adipex is a newer diet pill compared to phentermine. Adipex has a certain dosage of the active ingredient phentermine HCl. It is available in a 37.5 mg formulation while phentermine has more drug strength options.

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